We offer a complete turn-key service on all bespoke projects for a variety of applications from consultation and design, through to manufacture and installation. Service agreements can also be arranged following the completion of an installation where required.



Since 2001, Mode-AL has been recognised as the market leader for high end AV and Broadcast mounting solutions. With our extensive experience in design, manufacture, and installation combined with an agnostic approach to the use of the right product for the project, Mode-AL can advise the correct technology for an installation, from long term reliability to service and maintenance. This end to end approach also extends to the software and content providers offering solutions to the retail and hospitality sectors. For further information, or if you would like to visit our showroom, contact us here.


Design sits at the core of everything we do. We have an enviable reputation for seamlessly integrating technology into furniture, and have developed our own range of screen mounts and desking systems, focusing on ease of installation, quality and adaptability. All solutions are designed to the end-user’s exact requirements and our modular system of construction allows us to modify or upgrade an installation. Our Design Engineers have provided designs that challenge the perceived norm of how LED and LCD screens should be displayed, often reflecting and enhancing a corporate theme, brand or event. For more information click here to view our Sony Relationship Case Study.


From our manufacturing plant in the UK, Mode-AL has a global reach, enabling the roll out of mounting structures to multiple locations from one central facility. All project management and build processes falls within the Mode-AL corporate brand. We have invested heavily in tooling and facilities and use CNC machinery to manufacture many components.  Mode-AL is an abbreviation of Modern Aluminium; our products are made with aviation grade aluminium which provides an immensely strong structure while keeping the weight to a minimum.  As aluminium can also be recycled over and over without losing quality, we recycle all the aluminium scrap from our machining processes.


Mode-AL can provide an efficient, professional and experienced team to install any solution – from an extensive LED wall, through to screen lifters. Their expertise and skill enable the project to be delivered efficiently and with minimum disruption to the site practicable.  Working from the UK, our operatives have the relevant qualifications (e.g. CSS) and many years combined experience to match. Where required, we test build larger structures in our facility in Uxbridge; this provides an opportunity for the client to run content across the screens and approve the structure prior to installation. This streamlined approach forms an integral part of Mode-AL’s operation for all bespoke projects, such as monitor stacks, video walls and large Monoliths.

On-Site Support

Mode-AL provides technical on-site support plus a warehousing and distribution service all via a single point of contact. We can bring the relevant technology and equipment together in one place prior to installation, and, for multiple site projects, provide the warehousing and logistical services to keep the schedule on time. All products are individually serial numbered and kept on record at Mode-AL; drawings and advice on how to re-task an installation can be provided at any time.  Ours is a unique approach – we build for life. Whether ergonomically or chronologically, our products are designed to outperform and outlast those of our competitors. When end of life is reached, the units can be re-tasked or 100% recycled. Where requested we can also enter into service agreements – particularly for our motorised solutions.