Slim Jim


A simple self-locking screen mount designed for individual screen use in commercial applications.


Satisfying the need from commercial installers the Slim Jim screen bracket provides the four features most desirable in mounting screens in public areas:


1 - The depth of the bracket at less than 25mm. The Slim Jim complies with all screen manufacturers minimum clearance from the wall for good air flow whilst being as thin a possible.


2 - Self-locking mechanism allows the installer to fit and forget the monitor knowing it is secure form theft from all bar the most tenacious thefts. Only releasable with a special key (provided)


3 - Single skin plasterboard fixing. The Slim Jim has a large wall mounting bracket enabling the load to be evenly spread over the plasterboard allowing screens up to 75kg to be securely mounted on a single 12mm thick plasterboard sheet.


4 - Ridged mounting. The Slim Jim's 4 point fixing between the wall bracket and screen brackets provides a highly stable mounting reducing screen wobble to a minimum.

PDF Files:

  • Download PDF MA-OEM-10 Slim Jim V2.PDF