Retail Digital Signage Mounting


Using its own MV-Brix modular system, Mode-AL builds digital screen mounts for screens located in retailers, banks and shopping centres. The MV-Brix system is used for mounting large format LCD, LED and OLED screens close together in large arrays. The system allows for access to each screen independently of the adjacent screens. Each brick has its own self-supporting chassis which is attached to its neighbour.


The MV-Brix R is used for shop displays and has been deployed at several locations around London. It is the only system available that provides a complete self-supporting screen mounting system. We can produce a screen array of almost any size that is only 150mm 6 inches deep. This gives the retailer significantly more retail space than any other system and the rear of the bricks can be covered in simple blanking panels allowing easy access the retailer’s choice of peg board or slat wall to increase the retail display area. With access only required to the faulty screen, on-site maintenance and disruption is kept to a minimum. 


Mode-AL's pressurised plenum system for behind glass mounted systems can constantly supply filtered air to the gap between the glass and the screen faces reducing the requirement to remove the screens to clean the window. The void always has a higher air pressure than the surrounding area preventing dust or debris to enter the void


PDF Files:

  • Download PDF MV-Brix Type R 3x3x55 Floor ceiling Debenhams.pdf
  • Download PDF MV-Brix Type R 3x3x60 Floor ceiling Tantrum.pdf
  • Download PDF MV-Brix Type R 3x3x46 Free Standing Nat West.pdf
  • Download PDF Debenhams Case study portrait.pdf
  • Download PDF Tantrum Case Study.pdf