MV-Brix Type D

  • MV-Brix Type D
  • MV-Brix Type D


The MV-Brix Type D is our newest addition to the range. It is specifically designed for super slim screens - LED back lit and OLED screens that have a bezel depth of less than 25mm (1"). This enables the screens to be opened like a cupboard door with only 1.0mm (0.040") clearance between each screen (when cold).  


Mode-AL can now create a wall with a depth of only 130mm (5") with full individual screen access and complete cable management.  Front access to all screens allows the array to be placed against a wall. This reduces the footprint of a traditional comparable installation by over 570mm (22") for projection cubes and a little over 170mm from our MV-Brix Type P.

Configuration options include free standing, wall mounted, wall to floor mounted, suspended from a ceiling, under floor mounted and mobile. 

PDF Files:

  • Download PDF MV-Brix Range Brochure.pdf