MIPP-300 iPad Enclosure


The MIPP-300 iPad Enclosure is CNC machined and forms the core of the complete range of Mode-AL I-Pad Stands, Mounts and Fixtures that are to be used in public places. Its level of security will deter the most tenacious of thieves.

Made from 8082 T6 aluminium plate and CNC machined to fit the iPad, this enclosure can not be bent or twisted to release the iPad. It features 6 M4x8 socket cap screws (optional security screws available) which are used for retaining the iPad. Plus, the enclosure mounting screws M4x10 CSK socket caps are only accessible from within the enclosure, providing that extra level of security. 

All enclosures come with pin access holes for the power, home and volume buttons and front camera and back light sensor holes (no rear camera hole) providing access to the control buttons for set up and maintenance

Each enclosure is also supplied with a special Mode-AL 1.5m Apple 30pin USB lead that provides power charging. 


Solutions include:


* MIPP-301 Desk top enclosure

* MIPP-302 Wall mount fixed

* MIPP-303 Wall mount 180 degree rotation

* MIPP-304 Vesa Adaptor

* MIPP-305 Floor mount

* MIPP-306 Edge gripper

* MIPP-307 Articulated arm

* MIPP-308 Wall Mount Angled

PDF Files:

  • Download PDF MIPP-300 I-Pad Enclosure Product Details.pdf