This minimalistic monolith provides an elegant and cost effective solution for single/dual screen digital signage. The unit can be configured to suit almost any screen size from 32" to 70". The external panels are non-structural allowing for easy replacement on site if damaged. The monolith comes in an array of finish options to and can be customised to suit specific requirements and environments, such as freestanding or placed on castors for ease of movement.


Mode-AL has placed monoliths in a number of blue chip offices, including HSBC HQ in Canary Wharf, and Natwest Bank and public locations with high footfall such as Gatwick Airport. The monolith is also the mounting system of choice for mission critical applications for Airports, Power Stations, Government Security Monitoring, Military and Tunnel Control Rooms. 


PDF Files:

  • Download PDF MM-155 and 255 Monoliths.pdf
  • Download PDF MV-Brix Type P 4x2x46 Free Standing Airport Specials.pdf
  • Download PDF Limited Space.pdf
  • Download PDF Parkeon Case study.pdf