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Mode-AL Monolith stands

Product Description

Mode-AL’s standard minimalistic monolith range provides an elegant and cost effective solution for single/dual screen digital signage without comprising the look of the content

The Monolith comes in a vast array of finish options to suit any environment, and can be customised to suit specific requirements  whether it is for corporate, retail or hospitality applications. Units can also be configured to suit almost any screen size from 32″ to 70″ and can either be freestanding or placed on castors for ease of movement.

Maintenance is made easy as external panels are non-structural, allowing for easy replacement on site if damaged. Entry to the media bay via the back using a card access system, therefore no tools are required to access the playout equipment inside. Plus, screen access is via the top of the unit and screens up to 55″ can be swapped out by only one operative.

Cable egress is at the base and located underneath on either side keeping loose wires to a minimum.

Mode-AL monolith solutions has been placed in a number of blue chip offices, including HSBC HQ in Canary Wharf, and Natwest Bank and public locations with high footfall such as Gatwick Airport. The monolith is also the mounting system of choice for mission critical applications for Airports, Power Stations, Government Security Monitoring, Military and Tunnel Control Rooms.

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