About Mode-AL
Mode-AL was founded in 2000 and is the leader in the design and manufacture of multiple monitor mounting solutions for Broadcast, Industrial Process Control digital signage, collaborative systems and high end AV. Being acknowledged as the originator of the first Flat Screen Monitor Stacks, has enabled Mode-AL to develop an enviable world wide client list of broadcasters, system integrators and end-user clients such as, BBC, ITV, TV2A, ESPN, Sky, Sony, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Honda, Aviva, Mercedes, Siemens, HM government and many more. Click here to download an overview of Mode-AL projects

With a reputation for designing and manufacturing bespoke complex structures that seamlessly integrate with technology. Mode-AL's dedicated core of engineers and technicians delivers on time and on budget and provides unparalleled customer service. After the successful introduction of the Media Wall range in early 2007, we offer a turn-key solution from design and manufacture through to installation from our 10,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in the UK. Multiple screen mounting projects range from simple security installations to satellite monitoring stations and are delivered globally. 
Our vision for the future .....
When Mode-AL was founded it was our original intention to manufacture high end designer domestic furniture. Over the last 16 years our focus has moved away from the domestic and to the commercial, where our specialist skill-set of designing and manufacturing high precision furniture for technology has found its natural home. 2017 marks our return to the manufacture of products designed for the domestic market. By Q-4 2017 we will have an online store dedicated to our complete range of off-the-shelf products starting from our smallest offering, the Nest Thermostat stand, up to and including our aluminium and glass desks and tables, although we will continue to produce off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for the business sector.

Mode-AL offers a unique approach - we design for life. Whether ergonomically or chronologically, our products are designed to outperform and outlast those of our competitors, with the added advantage that when end of life is reached, the units can either be re-tasked with additional components or they can be 100% recycled.